Window Cleaning

Nothing beautifies your home like clean windows.

Worker Squeegees WindowWe offer the cleaning of both the interior and exterior of windows. We remove all pop-out grids during cleaning and can also clean screens when requested. Our window cleaners use a non-abrasive cleaning solution and cotton cloth to hand wash all windows. A squeegee is then used to remove water from the glass and all excess water is wiped off, leaving windows streak free.

Worker Squeegees InsideWindow cleaning is the least expensive thing you can do to beautify your home.





Storm Windows

Storm Windows just might be the reason we use the word “pane” (pain!) when it comes to glass – but we DO service them! Storm windows are typically large, thin sheets of glass that can break easily. While we will use the utmost care in handling & cleaning storm windows, we do require that homeowners sign our form releasing us from liability should the storm window or the frame become damaged.


STORM WINDOW RELEASE FORM   (click to download & print)

Worker Cleaning Window

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